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Re: Madden Roster Editor V1

I have spent the last week trying to get the editor and my game consoles to cooperate with me, and I am at my wits end. I have one little specific thing that I'm trying to change, so if anyone would be willing to help me out, that would be fantastic. I have Madden 12 and Madden 25 for PS3. Is it possible for anyone to edit wide receiver Jake Kumerow (Packers on 12, Seahawks on 25) into a rookie, age 20? I'm white and have long hair, and I'm trying to get myself into the game as a rookie. I'm somewhat pathologically a perfectionist so I really want my character to have long hair. Since the player creator won't let me create a white player with long hair, this seems the best way to do it. If anyone can take any default or default-esque roster they have lying around and make that happen for me, I would be SO grateful.
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