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Re: Madden Roster Editor V1

Originally Posted by WackO_Olsen
These rosters dont have the players in them but has all players head shots, These are not for playing games with but just to put names to headshot numbers, I have made two rosters that have all the headshots in madden 12, there are some blanks at the start of part 1 and some blanks at the end of part 2, dont click info on blanks it will freeze your game, sorted by name part 1 headshot's 200-2938, part 2 2938-5676. There not in perfect order, so you will have to use the editor along with the game to id players headshots. Rehash and resign extract the MC02 file to view in the editor and load the game, should be able to match things up from there.
WackO, are these files no longer available? i click to download and nothing happens. I've been wondering for a long time what all the portrait IDs are for guys so I can make them on my own, this might be the holy grail of that info for M12 ps3, if only i could download it LOL
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