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Re: Future Classic Rosters?


I have been enjoying Capa's & Your Rosters for years now.

The answer to Your question of a go forward strategy for future Rosters to me is clearly:

"stick with M19 and create additional classic rosters for Play Now?"

I simply can not understand EA Sports lack of interest in helping Classic Roster enthusiast out by implementing such things as Team & or Player Exports/Imports. They had those features in their games years ago but abandoned them which clearly declares their interest in maintaining Classic Roster clients.

They just Don't Care about us.

Thus, I have decided and I think also Capa plus many others that M19 is where I stay for Classic Rosters.

My request would be the creation of an All-Decade '60s Roster Set. I began doing so on the xBox One only to discover the shortcomings of that platform relative to the ability of creating backups - relative in such that there is No Way to do so - Thus - I abandoned that project after 5+ teams into it but fully realized how Grand such a Project like that would be.

I have since (and only 2 Teams shy of completing it) started creating an ATGs 60s & 70s Roster Set from assante's & tommycoa's masterpiece on xBox One. It is truly a thing of Beauty ! I am solely moving their created players around, correcting Jersey #'s & setting Depth Charts ..... this roster should be considered 100% their creation not mine!

So, I would suggest either Single All-Decade Rosters or Multi-Decade Rosters.

They are a Blast !

Thanks for ALL You have done which has given me & countless others endless hours of fun through the years !


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