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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

As an incentive to anyone interested in creating an All-Decade '60s Roster I offer my spreadsheets of each Teams All-Decade '60s Roster including the non-existing Teams which are comprised of players from the '60s that did not make the cut on any of the existing teams rosters.

Also, I would highly recommend & request that You & Capa work together to create a Formula/Guideline for assigning Player Ratings that can be used by others wishing to contribute to a Classic Rosters project. Doing so would allow many others the ability to add to each Roster maintaining a consistency of Player Ratings across the board which to me is an essential factor for maintaining the realism within a Roster or across Rosters.

tommycoa has a really sound rating system which I think could be the basis for doing such. His rating schemes are exceptional for creating Decade oriented and/or All Time style Roster Sets. He also has them well documented in this forum.

If these ideas seem of interest to You & Capa then I will gladly join in the action as I feel I have learnt a great deal from those 5+ Teams I created then abandoned due to the xBox One shortcomings of saving rosters.

I truly regretted not starting my Madden Modding on the PS4, solely due to all the fun I've gained from Your & Capa's rosters over the years, but if You two decide to undertake such a co-operative venture then I will jump in to contribute as best I can as I am certain would many others.


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