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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

As for what you should do that is entirely up to you. All I know is if you make a rosters on 20 or 19 it is a must download for me. Iíve thought about taking a stab at rosters for Madden for a while now, but the sheer size of the project has always overwhelmed me because football rosters are the biggest in NA sports by far. I can only imagine how much more difficult it was to try and proof the roster for franchise as well.

For me personally with your rosters I usually have two versions one where I edit QB ratings for play now and one for franchise where everything you did is left untouched. I also usually treat franchise as a season mode where in historic rosters I replay that yearís season by controlling all the teams so the only real big difference for me would just be the simulation stats as stuff like contracts wouldnít really mean much for me.

I will be getting 20 , but if you do decide to stick with 19 I will definitely go back to download and play with whatever you come out with. If you choose to go the play now route custom playbooks would get you the closet to a real life experience even if like you said they are not entirely ideal so I suppose that would be my preference.

Are you looking for suggestions for a roster to make or are you just testing the waters at this point? Because if you are there are a few years that Iíd love to see tried on 19 that I can think of.
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