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Re: Future Classic Rosters?

I think that it is more than obvious that EA is going to do nothing to allow us to port rosters over from year to year. That means another round of start from scratch editing for any roster that people want to do for 20. I don't know if I have that effort in me anymore.

Of course, once we all see what improvements 20 makes, it almost will seduce us into biting the bullet to recreate the classic rosters we all love so dearly. It's hard to play previous versions, in many instances, when you see what the new game has to offer.

However, I do think that adding to the 19 roster sets may be the way to go. I would enjoy being part of any co-op effort in any way I can help.

The truth is, there will be folks who pick up the gauntlet for 20 if the regular guys don't. That could at least provide a base for additional editing or changes to teams.

It is just so frustrating that EA will not provide a mechanism to port rosters from year to year. It's not too hard to do as it is all db field management. Any dba worth his/her salt could provide a utility in less than a week. I know...I work in the field. They just have no interest in throwing us a bone. If they did, I know they would get a ton of positive feedback, but it does not seem to garner any interest at all on their part.

I am up for anything that adds to the classic roster sets for either 19 or 20 version. I only use Play Now due to the limitations on franchise mode with classic sets. I often just do slow sim and watch the game. I also use Coach mode at times. But I am not a joystick jockey.

Another item to possibly at least consider is if a move to the pc version would make sense. I know there is an editor for the pc version that was at least change ratings and other fields with global edits. I assume this will continue to get refined. It may be easier to create roster sets in pc version. Also, the added benefit of the modding that can take place to improve gameplay may be something to consider. The downside is yet another expense for most of us to get a rig that can play the pc version.

Lastly, my personal preference is for single seasons from 60's or 70's or a roster set of great teams like the 62 Packers, 72, Dolphins, 78 Steelers, etc. I enjoy the all time sets as well, but I also like seeing the lesser known players I used to watch on tv as a kid that I can get from single season and great team sets.


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