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Madden Colorizer by TheBleedingRed21

Madden Colorizer

Bringing you guys another tool, this time, a pretty simple but vital one. What is this exactly? Simple. A color tool to make sure you get your Accessory colors, facemasks, etc. 100% correct.

Many people I have seen use those RGB to XYZ online convertors which are pretty inaccurate (trust me, the CFBM19 team found this out the hard way..). This tool will be at the tips of your fingers since its a desktop application and most importantly, it uses an exact formula to make sure your RGB values are accurately converted to XYZ values for Madden inside the frosty editor.

If you design uniforms, create teams, change colors at all, this tool is for you! Simply open the application, paste in your RGB values and hit CONVERT, BOOM, 100% accurate values to insert into frosty and KNOW that your colors are right.

This tool has been heavily tested and was a very important tool for the CFBM19 team to make sure we got all the team colors correct. The tool did not let us down, and hopefully, you guys can take advantage of it now!


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