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Re: PS3 NHL Legacy Rosters - 2019-2020

Originally Posted by regularcat
Any way to convert this to Xbox 360 ?
Yes, it is:

You need bruteforce save data tool to decrypt ps3 file. First copy games.conf and global.conf from NHLViewNG folder to bruteforce folder. I cannot decrypt files before these files.

1. Locate ps3 savedata folder in bruteforce (BLUS315400202)

2. decrypt sys-data -> verify pfd and then -> decrypt pfd

3. open decrypted sys-data with NHL DB Patcher 2.10

select PS3, NHL14, Roster and Extract Database

4. Patch db to Xbox roster file with DB Patcher

select X360, NHL14, Roster and Patch Database

Sys-data to DB pdf tutorial:

Youtube tutorial:
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