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Re: TDawg3782's Madden 20 CFM Progression Tool

I just wanted to say to anyone who sees this and is on the fence about using it just do it you will be thankful you did. I was hesitant on using it because it seemed like a pain to use and I feared the randomness would devalue draft picks because star dev and higher weren't guaranteed to develop. First it is super easy to use and only takes about 3 minutes twice per season. I have also found that draft picks are actually more valuable because later round picks can actually turn out to be studs.For example one of my late 1st round picks was a 68 ovr Star dev and never developed however I had a 5th round 67 ovr normal dev corner that gained 18 points in one season and became a starter. This mod does for franchise what Sabo's mod does for gameplay. Big thanks to Tdawg and everyone that helped out on this project.
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