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Re: TDawg3782's Madden 20 CFM Progression Tool

This seems like it's going to be awesome. Maddens XP system for progression is lackluster and this sounds like a ton of fun.

I had a couple questions (sorry if this was answered, I read it through and wasn't sure if I missed this or not): Does player performance have any impact on what happens with their progression? It seems like no but I wanted to double check.

Second question: Do you have any plans (if possible) on adjust player regression rates? From what I can see once players hit the wrong side of 30 in Madden they hit a pretty steep decline. I mostly notice this in quarterbacks since we've got guys that are truly elite in their late 30s and now into their 40s (Hi Tom Brady) and it seems crazy to me that Madden completely disregards this as a possibility.

I want to make it clear that I really have no clue on how any of this works so my question might just look really stupid .

Thanks again for the tool. I'm excited to try it out. This really feels like it's going to breathe some fresh air into Franchise mode.
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