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Re: TDawg3782's Madden 20 CFM Progression Tool

Just saying, I hope you don't visit player performance influencing progression - it is a VERY slippery slope, very complicated, and I believe, philosophically wrong - a player doesn't become better because he performed well or vice versa (performed poorly so becomes worse). It was his ability set, circumstances, and to some degree, luck, which influences performance. And it is these that create the stats. He doesn't suddenly become a better or worse player because of them - it was his abilities, circumstance, and luck that put those stats into the realm of possibility. You have underachievers and overachievers all the time - that is simply life/reality. I am definitely not in favor of any performance based progression/regression.

If you decide though, to go this route eventually, please allow it to be OPTIONAL.

And thank you for making this great utility! It does away with the idiotic XP system Madden now has, and I am very grateful for that!
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