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Re: TDawg3782's Madden 20 CFM Progression Tool

Really cool tdawg.

On the draft round thing, I think I'm accurate in saying in general 1st rounders are more successful in the NFL than 2nd rounders and so on, but I'm assuming Madden's dev trait assignment will take care of that (at least in its generated classes), as most Superstar players tend to be 1st round picks in my experience so far. X-Factor seems a bit more random which I think is fine. So it sounds like you've really married up well with the way the dev traits are assigned in classes. I'm really excited to try this, it all sounds fantastic.

On the older QB thing, perhaps there could be a dice roll on a QB, say, over 28 who is under 80 OVR (so, they either were too old to get the progressions originally or got a bad potential), having another 4 year progression window?
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