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Re: TDawg3782's Madden 20 CFM Progression Tool

Originally Posted by SteelCityColt
I get you, the only thing I'd say is it would be good if they did on P/S so you can all up players who've developed under your "coaching" if that makes sense.

I'm guessing even if you call up a player they won't get their points added under week 8/16 as per others?

Amazing spreadsheet work btw.

But see then that would be unfair to the cpu who won't be able to progress their PS players until they are on the roster after the regular season ends (or the teams playoff run ends). It's kind of a Fog of War type thing. If you need to sign a player from you PS to fill a need and he happens to have 10 skill points waiting to be used that's just damn good luck on your part. Same for the cpu. Or you stealing a PS player from another team. Personally I don't want to know and it's why I have it set that way. However anytime you want to know what your PS players have you can click on them and it will show up in their player card.

Thanks about the spreadsheet. I tried real hard to make it very clear for whoever wanted to check out the engine of this beast lol.
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