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Re: NHL2K20 Roster for 2KHS/NHL2K11

Made an update today and removed all statistics. They are incomplete anyway so I thought it is better if all players start at 0.

The next thing to import should be captaincy status.

Also disabling profile images/call names for the current x-players so I can replace them all with real ones from AHL etc. I am kind of split about what I want to do here though. Profile images are nice but not if the players are called incorrect ingame.

After this I also want to look into player stat separation more. The current hutdb base make the players somewhat close to eachother attribute wise and I am thinking of testing different conversion formulas for this.

Another thing that needs to be looked into is RFA and UFA status which I don't know how to set yet.
Now go play NHL Two K!

Download the NHL2K20 roster at:


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