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Jarodd21s Madden 21 All-Madden Simulation Sliders

My Madden 21 All-Madden Simulation Sliders!

For the guys who have never used my slider sets before. I have 4 sets of sliders for guys to use depending on there skill level. The Green set is my first set of sliders and is basically for All-Madden beginners coming from All-Pro or guys who have a difficult time with default All-Madden. My Green set should help anyone adjust to the All-Madden gameplay until they feel their game is good enough to move up to one of my higher sets. My Red set is for average All-Madden players and should provide a decent challenge for most. My Blue set is for above average All-Madden players who are pretty good at the game and need a real good challenge from the CPU. My Black set(the set I use) is for highly skilled, Madden Veterans, who have been dominating Madden for years and need the sliders to be extremely high in order to get a challenge from the CPU. If you slack in anyway with my black sliders you will find yourself on the wrong end of a blowout. You have to be 100 percent focused all game in order to compete with the difficulty of my black set. They are a guaranteed challenge. My advise is to work your way up to my black set if you have never used them in the past. They will frustrate the hell out of you if you aren't use to them. My sliders are built for you to use all the features on the game. As long as you aren't doing anything cheesy or cheap to take advantage of the AI you can play the game however you want to. My sliders are very intense and forces you to stay focus for the whole game especially if you are using the black set. That's how the game is suppose to be played. Just like real life. If you aren't focused on your opponent you'll get beat. It's that simple. You aren't suppose to feel relaxed. That means the sliders are too easy.

No House Rules!

Game Options
Skill Level- All-Madden
Game Style- Simulation
Superstar Abilities- On(Optional)
Quarter Length 15 Minutes(Optional)
Minimum Play Clock Time- 10 Seconds(Optional)
Ballhawk- Off
Injuries- 15
Fatigue- 70
Speed Threshold- 0

Penalty Sliders- You can only move penalties up in 1 point increments in franchise only. Play now is 5 point increments.
Offside- 99
False Start- 55
Holding- 99
Face Mask- 99
Block in the back- 80
Roughing Passer- 50
Defensive PI- 99
Ineligible Rec Downfield- On
Offensive PI- On
Kick Catch Int- On
Int Grouding- On
Roughing Kicker- On
Running Into Kicker- On
Illegal Contact- On

You can mix and match with any of my sets. I have my sliders set up for guys to adjust them anyway the like without messing up another area.. If you need help adjusting any of the sliders just ask me and I'll help you out..

Key note- I highly recommend for guys to start practicing with the left stick. It really helps out your passing when you have total control of where you want the ball to be placed.

Green Set USER-CPU

Accuracy 30-30 USER Accuracy 45-50 if you don't use the left stick
Pass blocking 30-30
Catching 40-40

Runblocking 30-30
Fumbles 35-35

Reaction Time 55-55
Interceptions 40-40
Pass Coverage 55-55

Tackling 40-40


Accuracy 20-50
Pass blocking 20-40
Catching 40-60

Runblocking 20-50
Fumbles 25-40

Reaction Time 45-70
Interceptions 40-60
Pass Coverage 45-70

Tackling 30-60


Accuracy 10-70
Pass blocking 10-50
Catching 40-80

Runblocking 10-70
Fumbles 15-45

Reaction Time 35-85
Interceptions 40-80
Pass Coverage 35-85

Tackling 20-80

Black Set USER-CPU

Accuracy 0-90
Pass blocking 0-60
Catching 40-100

Runblocking 0-90
Fumbles 5-50

Reaction Time 25-100
Interceptions 40-100
Pass Coverage 25-100

Tackling 10-100

Special Teams- USER & CPU
FG Power- 60
FG Accuracy- 40
Punt Power- 60
Punt Accuracy- 100
Kickoff Power- 50

Auto Sub- Set the same in Main Menu and CFM
Default- Haven't tested yet

If you want to STREAM your game for other USERs to see how the gameplay is with my sliders, post your TWITCH or YouTube link to let people know you are about to stream.. You can follow me on twitch too.

Here is the link to the page to post your box scores..

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