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Re: Schnaidt1's 2k20 MyLeague and Gameplay Sliders


Got some questions:

I still enjoying playing this game with your settings & sliders
Started a new MyLeague with a new team (Montreal Stars) and first season is over.

Champs: Clippers (vs. Bucks)
MVP: Giannis (last minute win again Lebron)
DPOY: Covington (Rudy close)

First time I'm using Celticlg34 roster. So far the stats are very realistic.
To be honest in my last MyLeague franchise I forgot the Attribute Progressions and Simulation Sliders. Nevertheless the franchise was running very well for about 7-8 seasons.

So my questions:
  • Are these sliders / settings on the first page (of this topic) the newest ones?
  • Player / CPU sliders.. which one is the newest one? Or which one do you use?
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