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PS3 NHL Legacy Rosters - 2020-2021

Hey everyone!

Here are the latest update of the PS3 NHL Legacy Better Than EA's rosters.

Better Than EA Rosters - 2020-2021 Opening night

NHL Goal Horns

Here's what's done:
  • This is mainly a Be A GM file. You can play other modes too, including Play Now, but don't play with any EU team or try to edit lines of any EU teams or the game will crash.
  • Over 3000 players were updated from CHL to NHL. Over 1500 players who were not in the game were added to make these rosters the best possible. This includes many rookies for the upcoming drafts, CHL players and International players.
  • Contracts and movements are up to date as January 13th.
  • All salaries were reduced by 15,34% to fit the game Salary Cap set at 69M$.
  • All players heights, weights, positions, captaincies and numbers should be accurate according to official teams websites and
  • Free Agents pool consists of players whose 2019-2020 contracts are over and are UFA.
  • Henrik Zetterberg and Ryan Kesler are in the game because of cap hit reasons, but their OVR were reduced to 36.
  • Some players were added in specific teams to reach the cap hit floor. These players will have a 1 year contract and 36 OVR, therefore should not play any game in GM Mode.
  • All missing rookies from previous drafts, and top prospects for 2021 and 2021 drafts were added.
  • Late 6th rounders and 7th rounders were placed in Extraliga. This was set so the game would not freeze into GM Mode. These rookies' rights do not belong to their rightful teams, but if you would like to sign them, they should be available in Free Agency.
  • European players who were drafted/will be drafted are in SHL so teams can sign them to NHL contracts and they can play in AHL before the age of 20.
  • USHL and NCAA players who were drafted/will be drafted are in DEL so teams can sign them to NHL contracts and they can play in AHL before the age of 20.
  • KHL/MHL players who were drafted/will be drafted are in Liiga so teams can sign them to NHL contracts and they can play in AHL before the age of 20.
  • Potentials and attributes were updated according to NHL scouting lists and many hockey analysts sites.
  • All players were grown five years older, so when starting a new Be a GM, it will be like the 2020-2021 season.
  • Many faces and equipments were edited.
  • 2021 World Junior Championships rosters are in.
  • 2020 All Star Game rosters are in.
  • 2020 CHL Prospects Game rosters are in.
  • Vegas Golden Knights are in. You can't add them as the 31st team in a new Be a GM, you can only substitute them with another team.
  • Changed the St. Louis Blues AHL affiliate to Springfield Thunderbirds.
  • Changed the Colorado Avalanche AHL affiliate to Colorado Eagles.
  • Changed the Carolina Hurricanes AHL affiliate to Chicago Wolves.
  • Changed the Florida Panthers AHL affiliate to Charlotte Checkers.
  • Created the Henderson Silver Knights since they are Vegas' AHL affiliate.
  • Created the Quebec City Nordiques with Nordiques most famous players.
  • Created the NHL Legends with some of the best players who ever played the game.
  • Created Original Six Teams All Time Rosters.
  • Created the '03 New Jersey Devils for Sparky_OS.

Rookies potentials guide:
Position 1-5: 5-star Green to 4-star Green
Position 6-10: 4.5-star Yellow to 3.5-star Green
Position 11-30: 4-star Yellow to 3.5-star Green
2nd round: 3.5-star Green to 3.5-star Yellow
3rd round: 3.5-star Yellow to 3-star Green
4th to 7th round: 3-star Green to 3-star Yellow

To do list:
Edit 2020, 2021 and 2022 draft classes through season.
Edit some attributes and potentials through season.
Edit rosters with contract signings and transactions.
Edit WHL and OHL rosters.

How to export rosters to your PS3:
Download the latest version of my rosters.
Using WINRAR (, extract the PS3 folder to your USB stick.
In your USB stick, you should now have a PS3 folder containing another folder named SAVEDATA, and another one named BLUS315400202. This is the roster file.
Now, remove your USB stick from your computer and plug it into your PS3.
In the PS3 Game menu, above NHL Legacy, go to Save data utility.
Go to USB Device.
Select my rosters (Better than EA).
Press Triangle, and Copy.
Now the rosters are into your PS3 and should load directly when you start the game.

A really big thank you to bhrangerfan and MetsFan31 for their help with that project!

Have fun!

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