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Re: Evidence why next gen pick and roll and help defense needs lots of work still

Originally Posted by EccentricMeat
It is and it isnít. Try the settings I posted and let me know if itís any better. It canít hurt, right?
I get your point but I've never been a big fan of the sliders. I believe the devs make the game how they do because they feel that by doing that you have the best balanced game for what the game engine will allow at that time. If you start messing with the sliders then you are effectively fixing one thing but potentially breaking another.

I believe the issue here is not necessarily the players being too fast but the defense not having the ability to react quickly enough to deal with quick players off the pick and roll.

I did do a bit if messing around with the sliders and put acceleration to zero for human controlled players and I still managed to get to the bucket frequently.
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