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Re: Evidence why next gen pick and roll and help defense needs lots of work still

Originally Posted by strosdood
It’s improved a ton...... it’s not a glaring advantage like it was........ Czar has said that these things have to be handled delicately as a “fix” could break the game if not implemented properly.......... if it was a easy fix to make it perfect it would be done already and on top of that I don’t want PnR to be perfect because it’s not perfect in real life

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What you can see with my video I have posted is that unfortunately with some quick players, such as deangelo russell, it is a glaring advantage. On 12 minute quarters I can put up 80+ points in the paint a game on hall of fame difficulty by calling a simple screen.

The defense cannot handle these kind of quick on the ball players currently in the game and for me that makes it impossible to play the game at this moment. When I had been playing before with different players I didn't spot this but just try with russell of Timberwolves and call a screen and see how easy it is to get to the hoop time and time again with the defense showing no kind of resolve to stop him.
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