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Re: PS3 NHL Legacy Rosters - 2020-2021

Originally Posted by Soedy

1. If you haven't updated the games.conf file in your BruteForce root-Folder, add the following entry:
; "NHL® Legacy Edition"
2. Open BruteForce as Administrator and select your rpcs3 profile
3. Open the folder where the downloaded roster is
4. Right click on the Save -> "Decrypt all files"
5. Right click on the Save -> "Unlock save to work on any PS3 account"
6. Right click on the Save -> "Encrypt all files"
7. Right click on the Save -> "Rebuild with current profile (full)"
8. Right click on the Save -> "Decrypt all files"
9. In the navbar in the middle (between the saves and the info area) click on the far right button "Verify PDF"

Now copy the modified SYS-DATA file to a roster save you made in the game.

Still can't get this to work. The 19/20 save seems to be no more.

The 20/21 save SYS-DATA is 2,456,128 while an original stored file is 2,456,120 which make me believe the save is corrupted?
Now go play NHL Two K!

Download the NHL2K20 roster at:

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