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Re: NBA 2K - Georgiafan's 3 year realistic rebuilds / remasters

Detlef Schrempf Draft Profile

Overview A 6'10 combo F that can shoot
Draft Rank 14th
Draft Projection Top 5
Stats PPG 26.7, REB 6.3, AST 4.2. FG% 50, 3% 44, FT% 78

In the modern NBA when your 6'10 and can shoot your going to get drafted high and that's why his stock has risen up to be in the top 5 range. He isn't just a shooter and his 6'10 and 235 pound frame means he can also score inside. He will be able to post up when going up against smaller 3's. He is also a pretty good playmaker for someone his size so he can handle the ball and pass.

He is a really bad athlete well below the league average mark for a SF. He is very slow and he can't jump. While he can play the 3 or the 4 on offense that's not really the case on defense. His perimeter defense is way ahead of his post defense. Despite that with his lack of speed he could struggle against the better athletes defending the 3. He is also a poor rebounder.

Fit With Memphis
He is listed as a SF, but his fit is really as a stretch 4. They aren't many 4's that are going to post you up like in the old days. That also will help hide his lack of athleticism. Memphis already has 3 PF/C that are going to get 25 to 30 minutes a game. They will be looking for a 4th big to play in the rotation next year. That player needs to be more of rim protecting 5. They are ways around that you could move JJJ to the bench, but it would be a more complicated fit. They also have Kyle Anderson as who is a combo F that is under contract for next year. You aren't going to pass on him because of Kyle, but the point is the fit isn't ideal. They already have two stretch bigs in JJJ and Clark so adding another could be overkill. Since he is a poor defender as is JJJ that could make it tough for them to play together for long stretches.

*grades based on scouting for different teams so they may not be final

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