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Re: NBA 2K - Georgiafan's 3 year realistic rebuilds / remasters

Recapping the Brutal 5 Game Stretch

Memphis came into this stretch 7-3 so really as long as you can win 2 out of 5 here you will take it.

I've hid the boxscores in spoilers to make it a little easier to read

Grizzles 119 - Nets 127
Brooklyn is tough to beat with their 3 stars and it was a close game until the end. Ja and Chris both score over 20 with bad games from Brooks and Jonas.


Grizzles 124 - Celtics 112
Ja was fantastic in this one taking advantage of Kemba guarding him and hitting 14 FT's. JJJ had 15 and 16 while Jonas gets 21 rebounds. Konchar joined the rotation tonight and hit five 3's. Stefan had 9 assist off the bench


Grizzles 120 - 76ers 99
A blowout win despite a off game from Ja. It was a balanced game with 7 guys scoring in double digits. Willy Cauley Stein also played for a bit and was effective.


Grizzles 114 - Mavs 117
A tough loss that saw Memphis blow a lead getting outscored by 9 in the 4th quarter. Bane got extra playing time scoring 19 in 25 minutes. Outside of him Ja's supporting cast was off a little.


Grizzles 118 - Lakers 116
Memphis survives with a 2 point win so they go 3-2 in this 5 game stretch. Clarke was the man scoring 27 and leading the team in shots. Bane didn't take advantage of the extra minutes tonight and was a dud. Mullin was against consistent scoring in the teens.

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