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Re: NBA 2K - Georgiafan's 3 year realistic rebuilds / remasters

Originally Posted by RolePlayer
I would go for Thybulle, already plenty of scoring on this Grizzlies squad
Yea I like thybulle as well and Iím also a fan of him in real life. Itís a little tricky judging his value is offense stats are so bad with the cpu yet made 1st team all defense. But come playoff time with me controlling him I think he has real value.

Philly was like the 8th seed last year and this year is under .500 so the stage is set for them to trade him as despite him and Ben both being 1st team all defense. They also have a rookie with B+ defense to fill his minutes. I think they could use Dillon brooks, but the math doesnít work on that trade as they donít have many mid tier salaries to trade bigger then 5 million ans I donít want tobas.

If I give up allen and a 1st then I have a even bigger minutes crunch then I have. So I would have to give up Melton who has A perimeter defense so not sure it s a huge leap.
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