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Re: NBA 2K - Georgiafan's 3 year realistic rebuilds / remasters

5 Most Interesting Teams If Bubba Moves

Now its time for one of the most fun articles I have written. With the recent rumors swirling around that Bubba Davis will leave Memphis after next year. We are going to take a look at 5 of the most interesting teams that he might want to join. We won't get into the cap space side of things just some broad brush strokes for major issues. Its mostly just a brief overlook to see how the young core of teams look as obviously things can change a lot by next summer.

5. Knicks

We forgot to include the roster pic for them we are just going to roll with it as they likely look more diffrent then anyone by the end of next year. Mitchell Robinson has been playing out of his mind for 2 years now. If NY was a top seed he would be in the MVP race and will get the max when the time comes. J.R O'Neal is as good as any rookie in this class averaging 17, 6 and 7 and can shoot and play defense. They are rumors going around they could sign Kyrie Irving this summer. They have a decision to make on Julius Randal who is a FA he is averaging 19 a game. They have plenty of cap space to sign him the problem is he is blocking Obi Toppin. It doesn't look like R.J and Knox will ever reach their full potential. They are currently fighting for the 8th seed.

4. Hornets

If you want a mix of youth and veterans with a challenge then Charlotte might be your best bet. Ball has yet to develop into the star everyone expected at 20 he still has plenty of time. They have Devonte Graham locked up for a while and Rozier will be a FA. Hayward likely will still be around then he has been good not great. They have three more recent 1st round picks in Bridges/Monk/ Washington that have all just been ok. So its hard to see all 3 of them and Rozier being here for the long haul. A bright spot they do have is this years lottery pick Hot Rod Williams who is averaging 11 &11 with 2 blocks. They currently have the 4th worst record in the league so will be able to add a top 5 type player to the young core.

3. Kings

Fox is a superstar and the big question with him is how long will he take losing before he ask for a trade? He is currently injured for 4-6 weeks and they are jammed up with a lot of teams at the bottom of the west standings. We project when its all said and done they will have a top 5 pick. Haliburton is talented and improving despite no major on the court success. Him taking over for Fox will be a good test. He has to much talent to be a backup so we would project him to be a starting SG alongside Fox. Hield has had back to back big years, but he is 29 so it could be in their best interest to trade him while they can get a 1st plus something else. Barnes wasn't traded, but likely will at some point over the next 12 months. They have a very fun C in 7'7 Manute Bol which could be play a real factor in this. Bagley is played well and is due a contract extension this summer. They need some wing depth.

2. Pistons

Don't ask us how the Pistons have quickly one of the brightest futures in the league. They are shocking everyone as the current 7th seed. It will be fun to see where they end up as a few games separate them getting the 5th seed and top 10 pick. Hayes isn't a superstar yet, but he is about to be one. He is 6'5 he could play either G spot. Fournier has been a excellent offseason pickup scoring 22 a night. Many thought Grant would be traded now he likely sticks around with them playing so well. Bey is having a breakout year in his 1st year starting as a stretch 4. They have the definition of old school player in Charles Oakley who is averaging 13 rebounds a game. He could be the best rebounder in the game by next year. They also finally have Griffin's 38 million contract coming off the books so will go shopping this summer. Their starting lineup is set so if they make the right additions they could be set for years to come. They may not need any help by next summer.

1. Magic

They are already one of the best defense teams in the league and i would say easily the best young defense team in the league. That's because of Issac and Okeke as wing defenders. They both need to get better on offense so that could present a fun challenge. Gordon is going to be a FA and they shopped him at the deadline, but couldn't find a deal they like. Since they aren't going to do better then him in the FA market this year you might as well resign him. They have a nice trio of G's in Cole Anthony, Fultz and Terry Porter. I don't expect any of them to be all stars, but could all are solid players. Porter's development could the key after a good rookie year. They have some questions at C with Vucevic entering the last year of his deal and being 31. They still don't know what they have with Bamba. They are currently 5 games out of the 8th seed so its looking like a lottery pick. We would project them to have their eye on a C. They don't have as much future cap space as others on the list.
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