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Re: NBA 2K - Georgiafan's 3 year realistic rebuilds / remasters

Originally Posted by marshdaddy
Couple questions/thoughts. What are Jaren’s per 36 numbers? Would love to see him getting the same minutes as Clarke and seeing what that looks like.

Have you thought of going big instead of small? Morant, Mullin, Clarke, Jackson and Valanciunas? Yeah defense on the perimeter might be tough, but their numbers all point to effective floor spacing on the wings. Feels like you’d dominate the glass.

Speaking of numbers, is Mullin really averaging 40% from the free throw line?

In terms of up next, I like Sacramento. Fox and Halliburton is a good backcourt and Manute Bol is a nice wrinkle. Wonder what the market would fetch for Bagley, plus a top 5 pick would be huge depending on the draft class.

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Oops that was a typo mullin is shooting 70% from the FT line.

I haven’t tried that lineup but I will definitely do that. Clark had C- perimeter defense with A-athleticism so that should be good enough on defense at the 3 for spurts. It might allow to post him up some as well with him being 6’8.

I have all 3 of my big men set at 30 minutes JJJ is just getting less for some reason I guess because he isn’t starting. After you said that I just changed it to give him 2 more so maybe that helps him not get robbed of the 3 minutes. His per 36 stats are 19 points, 9 board, 1.2 steals, 2.3 blocks. Now that I look at it that’s up from last year by a lot. I’ll screenshot some stuff and post a article going deeper on it tomorrow.

Yea kings would be a good as they have a star player and 2 other starters. Yet they aren’t just loaded with a young core full of future stars. They also have some moves to be made with heild and whatever comes from Barnes. Bagley will get close to the max or close to it.

For some reason it got changed to auto scout for the draft class I’m using so I’m behind on that part. I’m going to use this year for a down draft class as I don’t want them all to be loaded. It’s 88 draft class so you have Manning, Charles smith, Richmond, Seikaly, Chapman, Strickland, Marjerle, Hersey Hawkins, Smits, Maxwell, Del Negro, Shaw, Perdue and Kerr. I struggled with finding a draft class and wanted to stick in this era. I also want to save some of the fun 80’s one for next year.

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