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Re: TDawg3782's Madden 20 CFM Progression Tool

Originally Posted by servo75
If I read this correctly does that mean players no longer progress after four years? And also, I like the idea of this tool preventing the ridiculous regression in the game itself, but I don't think it can prevent a QB losing 6 overall in his 10th year, but merely replaces lost points?

The way I understand from reading so far is that a player in week 1 year 1 gets assigned a potential through some formula including the dev traits. The difference between their current rating and that potential results in skill points (similar to the XP points from the default game?) that randomly get assigned 3x per year through years 1-6 according to probability? How is the potential determined? Do all players (assuming they're rookies in year 1) reach their potential? In Year 1 of a franchise, will a player who is a rookie develop more than a player who is already in 3rd year?

Just in general, what is your main issue with the XP system, how is this better and what should we notice different when we start using it?
I'm just an end user so I don't know all the nuts and bolts, but my understanding is the main benefit of this tool is unlike normal XP, it gives players who don't play a chance to hit some sort of breakthrough. This way an UDFA who is barely on your roster could by some act of God (aka the macros in the tool) have a huge development spurt and become a starting-caliber player. While that might be rare, with XP it's not possible unless you force them to play and earn XP, which isn't really a smart idea if you're trying to win AND want your late-round/UDFA players to potentially become studs.

Also, if you aren't already I would join the Madden modding discord server because it has its own tab for the tool and he is more responsive on there.

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