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Re: Ridins Full Minors roster information

Originally Posted by FattyHaggs
This waiting has me on pause. Cant get info cus im not paying for twitch. Whole Franchise depends on. Rridin
Im sure they will fix the prospect ages but ill ask one of the roster creators.

Twitch is free. I think you may have to pay for a sub to watch the Archived stream but you can view them on twitch live without paying. They also update on tiktok now too lol

Theres also a stream tonight at 7 est with Robert Flores . They said they’ll be giving updates on the rosters as well.

And i dont know any of them personally but you guys have to realize theyre doing this for free when you get overly critical. I bring that up because I havent seen them post anything about there rosters on here this year. I think we , as a whole, may have ran them out of here the same way we did with the sds devs.
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