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Re: A West Coast Story - College Hoops 2k8 Legacy


The number one guy who can't stick to a dynasty is back, I of course want to stick with one long-term but haven't found the right mix to keep my attention. I've been really tempted to return to College Hoops 2k8 for the past year. Originally I wanted to bring back my PJ Valentine coaching legacy however, I lost it when I had to completely reset my PS3 earlier this week. I'm really excited for this dynasty as I've never on either NCAA football or CH2k8 done a West Coast dynasty.

Special thanks for the inspiration to Trekfan, kibaxx7, marshdaddy, focer4, Xanax, Studbuckets and superjames1992

System/Game: College Hoops 2k8, PS3
Rosters: 2007-08
Difficulty: All American
Sliders: Custom Sliders (Essentially default with just a few tweaks)
Half Length: 14 Minute

House Rules:

I plan to play 15-20 games each regular season and at least one game against each of my conference opponents. While I'm at a smaller school, I'll play all games against power conference schools and all post-season games.

I don't have any recruiting house rules at the moment however, that may change.

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