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Re: A West Coast Story - College Hoops 2k8 Legacy

Originally Posted by studbucket
Is this a closed dynasty and you chose UC Davis, or an open one? If open, why UC Davis?
It is a closed legacy,

So the main reason I chose UC Davis was location. On both NCAA football and College Hoops 2k8, I've always done my legacies/dynasties in the South. With a few short spurts in the Midwest. I wanted to do something out West, face different teams and play in different conferences. Of course with CH2k8 you never know where the road will take you. So where I finish may not be out West.

It came down to four schools for me, Sacramento, UC Davis, UC Riverside and Long Beach State. I wanted to play the teams in the Big West more than Big Sky so I ruled out Sacramento. Then Long Beach's roster was too good and UC Riverside I just didn't want to do for some reason.
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