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Re: A West Coast Story - College Hoops 2k8 Legacy

UC Davis 2007-08 Season Preview

Aggies Predicted to Struggle this Season

For UC Davis, their first season in a division one conference likely won't be a pleasant one. Despite bringing in a brand new coach, talent-wise they will likely be overmatched in every single game.

Experience won't be their friend either, with the team having no seniors on it. Coach Reid's experience as a coach is also in question, as he has only spent a few years as an actual coach.

Vince Oliver is the team's most recognizable player and one who could have a big season for the Aggies. The 6'3 Junior guard isn't the best shooter on the floor but he can get to the paint and score.

Where UC Davis does shine however, is height. The team has size at every position and should be one one of the tallest teams in the conference. The only position where they're lacking height is point guard. 7'2 big man Michael Moore will run into few players with his size.

Then there is two players worth mentioning who won't be on the team. Todd Lowenthaal and Joe Harden. Are both transfer players who likely could've made an impact on this team, however, Coach Reid will have to wait till next year to use them.

UC Davis 2007-08 Roster:
  • V.Oliver SG JR. 6'3 195LBS (72 Ovr)
  • D.Carter PG JR. 6'1 180LBS (58 Ovr)
  • J.Lopez-Low PF JR. 6'9 230LBS (58 Ovr)
  • A.Malik SF FR. 6'8 195LBS (58 Ovr)
  • N.Clark SG JR. 6'4 180LBS (56 Ovr)
  • D.Calegari PF SO. 6'9 220Lbs (55 Ovr)
  • M.Payne SG FR. 6'7 190LBs (54 Ovr)
  • M.Boone C Jr. 7'2 285LBs (52 Ovr)
  • CJ.Portz PF SO. 6'7 190Lbs (52 Ovr)
  • K.Bruccculeri SF JR. 6'8 200lbs (52 Ovr)
  • S.Hanson PF SO 6'7 230Lbs (52 Ovr)
    Transfer Players Inelligable for 2007-08 Season
  • T.Lowenthaal PG SO. 6'3 190Lbs (63 Ovr)
  • J.Harden SF SO. 6'8 210Lbs (60 Ovr)

Notable Games:
@ New Mexico St.
@ #4 UCLA
@ #17 Texas

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