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Re: Pro Strategy Football 2022 is out!

Originally Posted by chargerrich

First off let me just give a simple thank you to the developer Kerry for what I know is a work of passion on his part.

Seeing how the Madden "franchise mode" has fallen and your product potentially filling a gap for us in the GM/Franchise genre is so great to see!

I am considering a purchase, but had a few questions (OK 12) I was hoping someone might answer.

1. Can you edit a "names" file for generated rookies (similiar to how OOTP works if you are familiar with that).

2. Can teams relocate and if so how is that done within the game?

3. Do you have to manually control each teams "GM functions" such as signing free agents, drafting, trading, etc or is there automation available?

4. Can you trade draft future picks and how many trade slots are available per trade?

5. Coming from the Madden Gen 6 era (Madden 07 PS2) - I am curious how customization is handled within the game. Are their sliders for adjustments like AI or how are these things controlled by the user?

6. How many seasons of a franchise/career can the game handle and provide stats for?

7. Does the game continue to track historical player stats after the player has retired and is there any type of Hall of Fame?

8. How does the FA and Draft systems work in the game?

9. Can you edit players at any time and are there any restrictions on what can be edited?

10. Are there coaching skills or attributes that impact the outcomes (i.e. would Richie Kotite ruin in Pats or Steelers dynasties?

11. Can injuries be adjusted or just turned off/on?

12. Does the game allow to set for player tendencies? For example if you have a Mike Vick or Josh Allen type will they scramble/run more often than say Phillip Rivers?

Again, thank you for the effort and i will likely buy the game regardless of any answers because i want to support this work!

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, you can change names for generated rookies. There is a text file that has randomly generated names, but you can create your own and replace the file with yours.

2. For "relocation" in career mode, you can't edit the name of the city of your team, but you can change the stadium/weather settings between years. For example, if you have a team in Detroit, which has a dome and is temperature controlled, no wind, you could edit the stadium type to be outdoors, cold, high change of snow, and windy.

3. You can control, or automate, signing free agents and drafting, for YOUR team in career mode, not other teams. As of now, there is no trading.

4. I don't believe there is a draft trade option in career mode.

5. There are no sliders in this game, although that's a topic that's been talked about, and may happen in a future version. The only way to control what you're talking about is to fiddle with the ratings.

6. The game can handle unlimited seasons in career mode. Note that the files can be HUGE over time.

7. The game does keep track of historical stats, even has players retire. A neat feature is you can go back and watch highlights of any game (a little off topic here.) There is no Hall of Fame.

8. FA gives you the option of selecting 1-5 players, on average, that COULD be available for free agency on any given team. The draft is human and/or automated. It has the same amount of rounds and done in the style of the NFL.

9. You can edit players BEFORE you launch the career mode. Career mode is taken from a league file BASE that you decide on. You can also create your own league by hand and/or pick teams from any league file(s) and place in your league the way you want it. You can go up to 32 teams in career league, but you can design your own league, and size, 32 teams or less. If you are doing single season mode, the league size can go up to 130 teams.

10. Coaching attributes (a ratings system) is something that is being considered for next year's version. For now, what exists is team tendencies that were used in real life by the team (a sort of coaching style, if you will). If a team used a 4-3 and blitzed a lot, was fullback dominant when rushing, used a run and shoot style offense, etc., the teams have these tendencies listed in their settings of how they play. So, if you play as the 1972 Dolphins, your QB will maybe throw 12 passes on average a game, unless they are down by a lot early and need to come back, and will pound the ball with the FB the most, and split time between the two starting HB's.

11. There is no adjustment slider for injuries (but this topic has been brought up and could see some kind of slider in future versions) but you can turn injuries on or off.

12. The game does have tendencies, and you can modify them if you want. For example, you can list the rushing tendency as QB SCRAMBLE, meaning, while you run your halfbacks (for example) the most, the QB is a scrambler, which is a setting for a team with, say, Steve Young, Michael Vick, Fran Tarkenton, etc. It also means if flushed out of the pocket, the QB may take off with the ball, and if he does and has a high rush rating, should get a lot of yards. If you had this setting with, say, Dan Marino, who isn't known for rushing and is a pocket passes, be prepared for minimal gains, and usually having a loss on the play.
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