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Re: Pro Strategy Football 2022 is out!

Hello, I ended up buying this game and have found it both enjoyable and promising for the future. My hats off to Kerry for such great work from a single part time developer. The passion is definitely there and I recently learned that this is a continuation of his work as lead on Tom Landry football... it is very cool to see this brought up to modern times!

I - like many I hope - am desperately looking for a real franchise sim since Madden has chased the MUT money and left the rest of us wanting and I hope that the authors of this game (Kerry) and also Draft Day Sports (Wolverine/Brooks) will find support from the franchise community so that they have the resources and market to continue to evolve these games!

PSF seems more simplistic and definitely is not yet a full franchise sim yet but something about the game is very appealing and comfortable and I am completely satisfied with the on screen visuals that play out the action on the field and lack of financials (aka please focus your future efforts on improving the franchise features such as free agency and attribute enhancements!)

I did want to provide some enhancement requests / feedback for consideration in future versions on PSF22 that I have found in my 30+ hours so far with the game.

- Ability to sort/edit players from "entire league" by position

- Ability to sort/edit players from "entire league" by attribute

- Remove FB depth option in favor of HB only depth (FBs are rarely even used in the modern game)

- Improved ability to adjust depth charts (In 30 hours I still do not know how to move a FB to RB for example)

- It seems that you do not / cannot actually move... say a WR... to ALSO be a returner but instead must "clone" a new player which is odd. So for example if I want Mecole Hardman to be SE1 AND my KR... i am actually creating two players named the same which just gives me mental fits

- Add more position impacting attributes (arm strength, break tackle)

- Add player tendencies/tendencies/roles (scrambler, pounder, gamebreaker)

- Add negative traits/roles (fumbler, bust)

- post game stats sorting by column

- adjustable sound volume sliders (as opposed to on/off)

I have also found a bug - A data resolution problem appears after several uses of the editor that makes the attribute values distorted and unreadable forcing a restart. This happens every time and is easy to reproduce.

Please let me reiterate that I have hopes that this game as well can become another great option for us soured on Madden and not requiring "cutting edge" visuals or arcade sticks which - to me - are not a top priority for enjoyment.

Anyway, I hope those on the fence will throw support and a few bucks behind this game (and/or DDS) to further broaden the market and allow these amazing authors and studios to create a game that can meet or even surpass what OOTP has done for baseball.

Judging by the lack of posts and activity, it seems these games do not have the exposure they truly deserve!

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