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Re: Armor & Sword’s "Average Joe” NBA 2K22 Pro Real FG%/FT% Custom Sliders (PS5/X/S)

Originally Posted by jrnlgrn
First game with the sliders and this felt great.

Young torched me for 43 points and Capela had something like 6 blocks. I lost on a last second shot. Which was all my fault as I was worried about Young, so called for a late double team and they just passed around to Hunter who drains the corner 3. Played really well with the current NBA squads and can only a imagine it would play with a classic roster.

Will play a few more games but I think I'm ready to play at least a full season. If they 2K would just fix FT being automatic we'd be in an even better place.

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They are marvelous with classic rosters my friend!

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