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Re: NCAA 2006/2011 Playstation 2 - 2021-22 Season Rosters/Dynasty Mods

Hello everyone, this is my first ever attempt to mod NCAA 06. So this file might be rough. But I did manage to build a 2021 roster dynasty file using the Antroid 2018 dynasty mod. Please notice that the year is still 2018, Heisman and top 25 list are not up to date because I don't know how to. I haven't test it but it should be playable.
To change the user team, just go to the position in the coach option and create new coach, the default team in the file is New Maxico State with the Coastal Carolina roster(this 2021 roster is base on the NCAA 14 revamped 2021 roster).
SLUS-21214 NCAA Dynasty Test (FD721715).zip
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