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Need help if possible.

I have been playing NBA 2K games with mods as usual for the last several years. I have tried just about everything to fix this situation. In NBA 2K22 My League the halftime show is just stats and a few highlights. No more Ernie, Kenny and Shaq! I have a tricked out PC and plenty of hard drive space. I have googled but only Console had the same issues.

Things I have tried:

1. Remove all Mods.
2. Uninstall from steam and reinstall.
3. Changed NBA 2K22 Steam settings to not cloud save, just local save.
4. Manually downloaded the cloud saves.
5. Started a new My League.
6. Saved in game and exited to desktop. Disabled internet and restarted game.
7. Put back everything to the way it was before I started this treasure hunt.

If anybody could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Stay safe!
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