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Re: NBA 2K - Georgiafan's 3 year realistic rebuilds / remasters

Trade Alert

76ers Thoughts - 24&26 10th seed
Philly had to settle on trading Ben this summer for a a bunch of assets over 1 star. That hasn't worked out for them so they give up a few of those pieces here. They sit 2 games below 500 and with Harris out for 3 weeks avoiding the playin appears to be a pipe dream.

This is a straight salary dump as Harris is having a bad year and is owed close to 40 million next year. He went from 17 ppg and 40 % from 3 to this year 14 and 31%. This move also gives them 17 million in cap space right now and they can go star hunting in the offseason.

Basically Phillys whole roster was worthy of getting minutes so they had to thin it up. Keldon Johnson is owed a new contract and didn't fit in after leaving San Antonio. Springer hasn't seen the court in 1.5 years and they still have two 2nds this upcoming draft. They get to hang on to both lottery pick rookies as well as the C Shepard (74 ovr)

Trailblazers Thoughts - 12&36 15th seed
They had close to 30 million in cap space this year so add to their war chest of assets and young players as they rebuild. While Harris is overpaid he is the highest rated guy on the roster and they had a big hole at PF as Bol Bol isn't the answer. Harris and Powell will give the young guys two solid veteran players. They are hoping Keldon Johnson plays like he did last year where he scored 19 a game and won most improved. After this year he shouldn't cost all that much to bring back.

Harris also becomes a expiring contract next year. With a young roster and a boatload of draft picks they weren't going to add a FA with that cap space. Even if they did, they wouldn't be as good as Harris. They needed a G to get minutes after Theo got hurt. Springer is 20 years old with A- potential. The spurs pick next year is unprotected so easily could end up in the low teens or better. This gives Portland six 1st round picks the next 2 drafts. The 2nd round pick they have could also be in the top 10 and it will be the only 2nd they have. They have a lot of bodies that are young with potential so just need a few of them to improve these next 2 years during the rebuild

Editors Note - Harris isn't able to play through his injury I've got to change it after the trade workaround. Also the trade player exceptions appear not to be working in 2k and very spotty
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