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Re: cdcool's 15 min Quarter: CPU vs CPU (Watched General Manager) Madden PC 23 slider

Here are my Madden 23 Observations thus far

Passing: OK
Rushing: OK
Receiving: OK
FUM: More on the QB side but OK

Penalties They are a problem
Not enough per game with all maxed out at 99 on the sliders.

Roughing the Passer is the only Penalty that can be adjusted and is overstated during games at a slider setting of 99, you can get several calls in a row multiple times during a game at 99.

Lowing Roughing the Passer to 50 or below will kill the Roughing the Passer calls but you will only get 3-4 penalties per game from all the other penalties. it seems to trigger more overall penalties at higher slider settings.

My Recommendation

Roughing the Passer at 80, you will get two per game but more of the other penalties such as Holding, False Starts, Pass interference etc., until EA Patches this nonsense.

The same similar problem with Madden 22 and Roughing the Passer.

If you lower Roughing the Passer you will see way fewer overall penalities from all the other calls per game., with it at 80, still not a 100% proper amount but better with fewer Roughing the Passer calls, more with less Roughing the Passer.

Or just kill Roughing the Passer and live with no penalties, which I can't.
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