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Re: cdcool's 15 min Quarter: CPU vs CPU (Watched General Manager) Madden PC 23 slider

Originally Posted by orye74
Ok and let me know if the interception thing is fixed
Ok so JoshC mentioned this and i have noticed this in the games I've played. There's some correlation to qb play and quarter length and accelerated clock. Now the games i played w ur set on 10 min/no acceleration the game played great. No more than 2-3 total int. But i started a new franchise w ur exact settings and put it on 15 min/10 sec acc and at 1 point fields had 3 int in 1 half and 2 went back for 6. In a 4 game span he had 10 int. I switch back to 10 minute quarters and he still throws them but it's much more dialed back and he's normally throwing them at the end of half or end of game tryna play catch up. Try this and see what happens
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