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Re: cdcool's 15 min Quarter: CPU vs CPU (Watched General Manager) Madden PC 23 slider

Originally Posted by dman08
First of all i specifically asked Orye about this because I'm referring to his set. You're the "pc slider guru" right?........... ok so yea i wasn't referring to that set. He's making the ng set and i was asking him about testing to see if he noticed that as well. Not once did i ask u anything. I've played 15 min quarters since i started playing madden way back in the day. So 10 minutes is not the way i wanna go but as we all know madden does weird things in their coding. So again u carry on w your pc sliders because i wasn't talking to u to begin w. U take this way too serious and have for years. You're making video game sliders......... relax
I’m not “trying” to be tagged into this conversation as I am a CPU vs CPU player and I observe all alder makers but more specifically those who play “my style” of play - BUT - CDcool did explicitly put on his first page instructions of how conversations will be carried in his thread and he obviously felt you were derailing - theirs no need to belittle or comment on another slider maker within a “slider” makers thread - that’s something that could have been done in a DM - I also could have done this in a DM but I felt this comment added to substance to original first posting
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