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Re: cdcool's 15 min Quarter: CPU vs CPU (Watched General Manager) Madden PC 23 slider

Originally Posted by dman08
First of all i specifically asked Orye about this because I'm referring to his set. You're the "pc slider guru" right?........... ok so yea i wasn't referring to that set. He's making the ng set and i was asking him about testing to see if he noticed that as well. Not once did i ask u anything. I've played 15 min quarters since i started playing madden way back in the day. So 10 minutes is not the way i wanna go but as we all know madden does weird things in their coding. So again u carry on w your pc sliders because i wasn't talking to u to begin w. U take this way too serious and have for years. You're making video game sliders......... relax
You come in here with not needed nonsense, both sets use the exact same Settings that's why there are included in my Forum. Stop disrupting the Forum, I can speak to anyone that comes in here, 10 minute Quarters should not be discussed in here, that's not used here in either set.

I'm very relaxed, glad to see you are using my Settings again.
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