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Re: cdcool's 15 min Quarter: CPU vs CPU (Watched General Manager) Madden PC 23 slider

Originally Posted by cdcool
You come in here with not needed nonsense, both sets use the exact same Settings that's why there are included in my Forum. Stop disrupting the Forum, I can speak to anyone that comes in here, 10 minute Quarters should not be discussed in here, that's not used here in either set.

I'm very relaxed, glad to see you are using my Settings again.
I'm actually not using your settings at all. I tried orye's set up exactly how he has it then i applied my own franchise settings because the rest of that is just placebo. So none of your settings and all of orye's sliders except fatigue back at 50 because i don't want to deal w the fumbles late in games. So as much as u think your set up is saving this game.......... it's really not. Your sliders or set up has nothing to do w my game at all. Carry on w your cg sliders
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