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Re: cdcool's 15 min Quarter: CPU vs CPU (Watched General Manager) Madden PC 23 slider

Originally Posted by benton32
So i know it says PC in the post title thing, but when it also says NG does this mean PS5 and Xbox NG ? jw, it kinda me by surprise to see it go from 0-100 on INTS, ya thats been a head scratcher i try to lower Pass Reaction and Coverage so they dont pick it off 3 times each team, but i dont want it to make the passing to easy, so then i lowered Pass Acc slider, my buddy said post patch dont have WR Catching to low or they will drop to many,
It is PC (CG) I also support orye74’s NG sliders (PS5 and xbox) that use my settings and his tweaked sliders for NG that are also located on the OP.
Madden Xbox and PC 24 (CPU vs CPU), Footbal Mogul 24 (CPU vs CPU), Front Office Football 9 (CPU vs CPU), NBA 2K23 (CPU vs CPU), and several Military and 4X PC simulations.
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