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Re: NHL 23 Trial Available Now For EA Play Subscribers

Originally Posted by CujoMatty
I have EA Play so i figured i might as well try the game.

I will say the gameplay has enough subtle changes that it felt different enough for me and if im being honest its probably in the best state its ever been. Its definitely not the most realistic but its getting closer and most importantly it was a lot of fun.

That being said, the presentation is abysmal. I dont know what they were thinking. It is a great looking game. There is a lot more authentic nuance like the calling for the puck or pointing with the stick etc....but you barely get to enjoy it.

After what i played last night i would have most definitely changed my mind and purchased but with the condensed presentation being the only option, its still a hard pass from me.

Man this is a real head scratching decision they made.
I agree. Liked gameplay, but holy crap EA Sports is shooting is own leg. Although i fear still buy this game. What I am doing, please help.
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