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Re: NHL 23 Trial Available Now For EA Play Subscribers

Game has a bunch of improvements, and the AI actually shoots the freakin puck. Been outshot in four out of eight games already. However, skating across the high slot and shooting is still a goal 100 times out of 100 even with slider tweaks, so even though I'm having fun with the trial I think that warrants a no-go until they actually fix that. Goalies feel almost TOO good otherwise, but they can't save that simple shot EVER. Gotta give props though, the game is definitely getting better. It's playing more like hockey every year, but EA letting big glitches like this (and a couple years ago, the easy to do, absolutely unstoppable cross crease goals) slip through is really hurting the offline experience. If they tune scoring variety to realistic levels and got rid of the sure-thing glitch goals, I really think there is nothing major you could harp on as far as pure gameplay.
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