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Re: NHL 23 Trial Available Now For EA Play Subscribers

Originally Posted by HipNotiiC_x
I don't find the gameplay worth a $70 upgrade. I already made global attribute changes and slider changes in 22 to get a much better hockey experience than OOTB 22. 23 isn't a massive improvement in this area. It's a marginal upgrade and the misleading marketing when it comes to their "focus" on presentation has made me unable to support the product.

I actually find the hitting to be less consistent than 22 and the DSS speed nerf to also be a downgrade from 22. Goalies received an upgrade, the AI seem slightly more aggressive on defense when they should be which is nice. In-zone offense is unchanged, special teams are still horrid.

I'm glad you're liking the game but refraining from a $70 tuner set with some DLC equipment is not because people are "mad 2k screwed up their hockey series" lol. It's the principle of not being okay with false advertising and not finding $70 worth of value out of a game that admittedly has very few "feature upgrades" to the product not to mention some of their "polishing" or "tuner changes" aren't even objective improvements from the previous tuner set (22).
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