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Re: NHL 23 Trial Available Now For EA Play Subscribers

Originally Posted by TeeWhy
How many games that you don’t care for do you post about? Are you exhausted? There are just some many bad games…
I’ll cut you a break since your new around here. But let me give you a nickels worth of free advice. This isn’t the EA forum, and this isn’t Reddit. You won’t be around very long with this approach.

This is a community where we are free to exchange ideas, criticism (constructively), and our general thoughts about games. You may not agree with everyone’s opinions, but that’s what makes this forum great. You get gamers from every walk of life. I post on a lot of games I don’t really like on this site, simply because I respect the people on these forums, and just have a passion for sports games whether I like them or not.

Trying to “punk people” or being “passive aggressive” is not only not a really good look for you, but is going to get you banned sooner or later. If your looking for points from the peanut gallery or to “dunk” on people. Please head over to the EA forums. They practically encourage that sort of thing.

That’s all I’m going to say on this matter

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