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Re: cdcool's 15 min Quarter: CPU vs CPU (Watched General Manager) Madden PC 23 slider

Madden 23 1.08 December 8 Update
1.80 Gig downloading now

Will see how much this applies to CPU vs CPU Offline Franchise

Franchise Updates:
Dev Note: Since Title Update 4 launched, we have been working hard to improve Franchise Mode. Since then we have fixed two of the highest priority issues: the 32 User Online Franchise Bug and the Draft Revert Bug. Rest assured we are not done and are working towards more fixes for you in the future.


Fixed an issue giving a catch-chance that was way too high for lower rated receivers on contested high-ball catches
Fixed an issue allowing receivers to catch tipped passes when they shouldn’t have

Pass Coverage

Tuning to man-coverage positioning for defensive backs when covering slower receivers, decreasing the amount of cushion so that the defender can better make plays on the ball
Fixed an issue allowing user-controlled defenders to automatically trigger interception catches without any user input

General Fixes

Fixed an issue where the backside offensive tackle would not pick up the defensive end on run plays especially when facing formations like Dollar
Modified the Deep Out Elite ability so receivers would not get a 100% catch chance when the receiver is in double coverage
Fixed an issue where the Focused Kicker ability was not working on PATs.
Addressed an issue where the Receiver Route Play Art would not appear for certain routes after the offense would do a No Huddle
Fixed an issue preventing receivers from beating outside shade when running short in-breaking routes
Fixed an issue causing receivers to beat the press to the outside instead of the inside vs. outside shade defenders when running post routes
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