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Re: 2023 Offseason Thread

Originally Posted by Kramer5150
This is absolutely embarrassing, how/why he is still the coordinator? It's truly baffling....

Matt Canada’s Offensive Scoring Rankings in College:

Indiana: 38th, 97th, 84th, 56th
Wisconsin: 60th
NC State: 98th, 57th, 41st
Pitt: 10th
LSU: 76th
Maryland: 69th
This is exactly why I said I would have blasted a D1 program for hiring him as an OC, let alone an NFL offense.

Don't get me wrong, some guys are just better in the NFL, but I saw his system enough to have a pretty good idea he wasn't going to be one of those guys.

At the same time here, and I hate having to defend him, Pickett did start putting it together towards the end of the year. Was that because Canada changed the offense to fit him better, did he simply improve...etc I dunno, I don't watch enough Steelers football to really know the answer.

As long as Kenny keeps developing next year, he can be let go without too much harm done.
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