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Re: C0883R All Pro

Preseason Season 1 WK 1

Preseason Season 1 WK 2

Preseason Season 1 Wk 3

Season 1 Extra Training
QB Howel Normal All Season (Rookie OVR 67)
HB Pierce Normal All Season (Rookie OVR 72)
WR Pickens Normal All Season (Rookie OVR 74)
CB Stingley Jr Hidden All Season (Rookie OVR 77 Preseason Stand Out Player got a Zone Defense Upgrade)
MLB Chad Muma Hidden All Season (Rookie OVR 70)
FS Pitre Hidden All Season (Rookie OVR 73)

Starting Line up for the first season!
Starting with 7 Hidden Dev Trait Player and a 100% Rookie Team!
Madden 23
Houston Texans (Franchise Rebuild)

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