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Re: cdcool's 15 min Quarter: CPU vs CPU (Watched General Manager) Madden 23 sliders

Originally Posted by cdcool
Then lower it

The last time I checked: Each NFL game averages around 154 plays. Game officials are typically accurate on 98.9% of calls.

No issues at 52, I don't know what you mean by both, CPU vs CPU, so Human and CPU are the same.

I noticed this on 100, not 52 for the PC, Not enough injuries stopping the clock on 52 to do what you are stating.

I've already stated what you are seeing, I had it on 52 forever including the old set that you loved.
LOL, I meant that just more as a wow. Just a surprising jump in amount of injuries. More variety of players though which is a nice change. Had a Punter go out for 4 weeks. Wasnt saying anything was really wrong. 154 plays, I didnt realize it got that high. Ive been thinking around 137 for plays. Good to know.
By both, I meant main menu and cfm. I was still using Orye, where he had 52 inj and 50 fatg in main menu and 25 inj and 65 fatg in cfm.
Still love the old set. Games still playing great. I just made the injury jump, so injury 52 and 65 fatigue are both in the main menu and cfm.
MLBTS Would be a great title for a real "sim" baseball game.
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Just have fun and play :)
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